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W e're not dealing with history and morality, we're dealing with money, law, political correctness and money.

May 7, 2004 -- BLAST FROM THE PAST:
March 11, 2003, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Groups donate money for statue
Plaza, wall being built at Lincoln site
by Will Jones

The City Council is not the only one with deep pockets for a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond.

The Verizon Foundation contributed a $25,000 check, and the Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation pledged $10,000 to prepare a spot at the Tredegar Iron Works for the life-size bronze statue.

"We saw it as an opportunity to symbolically turn the city's attention to the future and away from the past," said Paul Miller, a spokesman for Verizon. "If this happens, our dollars will be well-invested."

The Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation, established in 1998 to promote historical interpretation along the riverfront, will use the money to pay for a roughly 2,800-square-foot granite plaza and a 5-foot-high, elliptical granite wall. Construction is under way. The cost of the plaza and wall is estimated at a little more than $89,000.

"It's all cut stone," James McCarthy, secretary of the Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation, said of the wall. "It requires a lot of fabrication."

The foundation has access to the Tredegar site through an agreement with Ethyl Corp., which owns the land, McCarthy said. The National Park Service has a similar agreement with the foundation.

The City Council voted unanimously on Feb. 24 to contribute $45,000 toward site work for the statue.

A gift of $10,000 is being sought from another company, which McCarthy declined to name. Statue critics have identified that company as Dominion Resources. A company spokesman declined to confirm or deny any potential gift.

The statue will depict Lincoln and his 12-year-old son, Tad, sitting on a bench. The wall behind the statue will bear the words: "To Bind Up the Nation's Wounds."

It will be placed at the Park Service's Richmond National Battlefield Park Civil War Visitor Center at Tredegar.

A dedication is scheduled for April 5 and will mark the 138th anniversary of Lincoln's visit to Richmond to tour the burned-out Confederate capital.

The statue is being donated to the Park Service by the U.S. Historical Society, which is paying for the statue by selling 750 miniature bronze versions for $900 each, excluding taxes.

So far, about 60 miniatures have been sold. The cost of the statue is estimated at $250,000.

Citing unanswered questions about the U.S. Historical Society and its handling of the project, the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is calling for an investigation by the state attorney general's office.

The group is also demanding that the city and other partnering companies and organizations "cease and desist from financially or morally supporting this offensive placement."

"As long as a cloud is hanging somewhat over this, I'm surprised there organizations would donate money," said Brag Bowling, commander of the Virginia division. "That needs to be cleared up to everyone's satisfaction."

Bowling also sees a conflict between the city's contribution of $45,000 toward the site work and an explanation of the project by U.S. Historical Society President Martin J. Moran. "It is important for you to know that no state, city or federal funds will be used to create the statue," Moran said in an undated letter sent to potential supporters. "All the funds will come from the issuance of the miniature statues by the society."

Officials with the U.S. Historical Society could not be reached yesterday.

The lingering controversy over the statue is not affecting the support of the Richmond Historical Riverfront Foundation, McCarthy said. "We made a commitment to assist with the site development. We're not going to renege on that."


April 24, 2004

A year has passed since we wrote this website. We encourage you to read every word on this page. Again, a year later we stand by our statements.

We promised not to relent until the entire sordid story of the U.S. Historical Society, the Abraham Lincoln statue and people associated with this scam are exposed for their questionable or criminal behavior.

We said the large Abraham Lincoln statue was the focal point of the financial scam. The Lincoln Statue was the catalyst, and gave credibility to the scam! The perception of Lincoln and the slavery issue protected and propelled the scam and filled the Tredegar stage with black City of Richmond and state political correctness support. It allowed cronies they called "scholars" associated with other profitable mirror image "Historical Societies" to support one another with politically correct revisionist history, all supporting the Abraham Lincoln statue and sale of $875.00 statuettes that were made in China.

The Lt. Governor of Virginia, lawyer Tim Kaine, was a powerful driving force in the Lincoln Statue scam and is certainly involved. Ms. Cynthia MacLeod Harnsburger, Richmond Battlefield Park Service, should be removed immediately for her illegal management and incompetence in Government.

* * *

The Lincoln fraud scam solicited $45,000.00 from politically correct corporations and another $45,000.00 in tax money from the black City of Richmond political managers.

Two Richmond City Council members that gave $45,000.00 from citizen tax revenue were convicted and are now in Federal penitentiary serving time.

Recently, FBI arrested Councilwoman Rev. Gwendolyn C. Hedgepath on charges of accepting a bribe and lying to federal law enforcement officers.

Councilman and mayor Rev. Leonidas B. Young plead guilty to four felony charges in Richmond's Federal District Court.

Councilman lawyer Sa ad El-Amin (his Nation of Islam name--actually born from JeRoyd Wiley Greene), who once referred to Caucasians as white devils and is disbarred as a lawyer, was convicted of defrauding the US government and is now serving time in federal prison. His lawyer wife was charged but she testified against him in federal court.

Chuck" Richardson, the former 5th District councilman, was caught and served time in prison for a felony drug conviction.

April 2004 - A former city councilman with a history of drug abuse tells 8News his latest arrest for heroin is a mistake. 8News has learned about new charges against former City Councilman Chuck Richardson. Police searched Richardson's house last night. The 56 year-old is charged with possession of heroin. Investigators also tell us they found drug paraphernalia and 45 marijuana plants in his home. Richardson's 34 year-old son, Karl, also lived at the Blanton Avenue residence. He has been charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Mayor Larry Chavis' Circuit Court records revealed over $645,000.00 in tax liens.

Richmond City Manager assistant Robert Evans set up fictitious businesses and stole almost $1,000,000.00 in taxpayer provided funds.

Richmond City Manager Robert Bob called Henrico County Manager Virgil Hazlett and asked him to match $5,000.00 of City of Richmond tax money to cut black tennis player Arthur Ashe's gravesite grass in a private cemetery. Mr. Hazlett refused and told him it was illegal, but Mr. Bob persevered alone and spent $5,000.00 of Richmond City tax money in a private black cemetery.

Mayor Rudy McCollum submitted a resolution demanding President George W. Bush bring back the troops and justify the war on the Iraqi people of color. Mayor McCollum demanded the President of the United State appear before the Richmond City Council to answer questions.

The American flag was deemed "offensive" at the Richmond City Hall and taken down. It made national news.

* * *

Investigations by regulatory and law enforcement agencies are underway at two levels. Please return to this site in coming weeks for breaking news updates.

We promise the entire story - why the Lincoln Statue was conceived and placed in Richmond at the Tredegar Civil War site, will be written and made available to the public forever, both in writing and on the internet. Names of the players - the people, their background, their motives - will be explained and preserved. When the names of the people and companies are searched, and when the Lincoln Statue is searched on the internet, the entire sordid and disgraceful story will be forever connected to the Statue.

**** Breaking News ****


We are dealing with people that have little understanding of accurate history. Sociopaths do not care either. They are driven by power, money profits and political correctness. They have repeatedly demonstrated absolutely no concern for the history of the southern people, the same behavior as the northern people demonstrated for the southern boys lying dead in the fields of Gettysburg - they allowed the bodies to rot on the ground. Their politically correct agenda will obliterate accurate southern history if unchecked.

As you know, we have aggressively dealt with the Lincoln statue. The Lincoln statue has been the catalyst for a new mindset organization that will go at the legal jugular vein. We shall aggressively approach future contests.

The entire event is a quagmire of double talk, new speak, smoke and mirrors, disingenuous positions, and illegal. The event is protected by the African-American Richmond City Council, Abraham Lincoln slavery issue, and others with political and monetary agendas. They all appear to have personal gain interests - nothing more.

We will not be defeated in this contest and intend to extract a price. Therefore, lawyers have been retained to support our position. There is a flurry of legal activity behind the scenes unknown to Kline, Moran and Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger. We believe the Lincoln statue issue is pivotal to the future south and accurate history. We believe Kline, Moran and Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger have deliberately and with premeditation spat in the face of those 37,000 young Confederate men and women sleeping in Richmond. We believe Drs. Trani and Bryan have deliberately and with premeditation supported a fraud scam.

This website is not associated with any organization but we are honored and proudly stand on the frontline defending accurate southern history and especially the memory of 37,000 southern boys who died in the war for southern independence defending their land and who now sleep in Richmond. In peace, they embodied the manhood gentility and were an emblem of the gallantry of Virginia. In war, they wrote their names in letters of light on pages of history, and gave a glorious illustration of southern honor and chivalry by their constancy in camp and on the march, and their valor in battle.


In a form filed with the Office of Consumer Affairs, State of Virginia, on January 31, 2003, the U.S. Historical Society answered "no" to question number 18 which asked if the organization intended to have others outside the organization conduct solicitations on its behalf. Records and documents clearly show that U.S. Historical Society, or the United States Historical Society (as the name actually appears on solicitation material) was being actively assisted by Richmond Renaissance and the Virginia Historical Society in soliciting funds. They did not tell the truth. These documents and others leave little doubt that U.S. Historical Society, Inc. was involved directly or indirectly in solicitation in Virginia during the 2002 calendar year during which it did not file with Office of Consumer Affairs. Under Virginia law, this is a serious offense with penalties associated. They did not tell the truth, we believe they are engaged in fraud.

On January 31, 2003, U.S. Historical Society told the State of Virginia it had no fundraising expenses during the past year. They certainly did have expenses. We see this as another legal violation. They did not tell the truth.

The 501(c)(3) non-profit U.S. Historical Society, presented itself to the public using the wrong company name -- a fictitious, "trading as" for-profit name that belonged to FKAO, Inc. Experience tells you how to move and hide money. They did not tell the truth.

U.S. Historical Society solicitated Founding Sponsor, $875.00 contributions. They told the State of Virginia they were not soliciting contributions. They did not tell the truth.

The U.S. Historical Society told the State of Virginia it would not have outside organizations conduct solicitations on its behalf. We find this is not true. Dr. Trani and Dr. Bryan and their organizations were indeed actively assisting U.S. Historical Society with solicitations. Again, they did not tell the legal truth.

U.S. Historical Society, Kline and Moran, Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger, et al., plan to move the Lincoln Statue to Rocketts Landing real estate development on the James River for future real estate profit. The Rocketts Landing real estate project will be centered around the Lincoln Statue for their profit. This information may have been leaked from within Kline's organization or an organization associated with Kline.

As the legal noose tightens, Drs. Bryan and Trani remain steadfast with Kline and Moran and continue to support U.S. Historical Society and what we believe is fraud.

Lawyers representing our interests and State of Virginia agencies are investigating. We will keep you apprised as developments occur.


NEWSPAPER: The National Park Service has ordered a group selling replica statues of Abraham Lincoln to stop using the federal agency's name to solicit funds, after concluding an investigation prompted by a congressman's request. "Effective immediately, the use of the name of the National Park Service in solicitation for funds for statue miniatures and in all promotional material must cease," wrote Sandy Rives, Virginia director of the Park Service in a Feb. 4 letter to U.S. Historical Society Chairman Robert H. Kline. Mr. Rives, who investigated the Historical Society for much of February, said he is satisfied that charges of possible fraud against the society appear to be without grounds.

OUR COMMENT: We believe the grounds for fraud does exist.

Sandy Rives, Virginia Director of the Park Service is either incompetent or has been told not to touch Robert Kline, the Richmond City Council, Richmond government, or those people associated with the fraud around the U.S. Historical Society and the Lincoln statue. There appears to be massive fraud perpetrated against the people of Richmond, Virginia and the south. All levels of law enforcement are politically reluctant to enforce city, state and federal laws, investigate and hold perpetrators of fraud accountable because of political consequences, to the high Virginia state levels.

NEWSPAPER: The society plans to donate a life-size statue of Lincoln and his son, Tad, to the Park Service and place it in the Richmond National Battlefield Park on April 5. "We are going to accept the statue, ..."

OUR COMMENT: The Park Service will accept half of the statue - the top half from Kline and Moran. The bottom half does not belong to Kline and Moran. Some say they made the statue into a half pregnant, hybrid assembly by definition and law. They are twisting, turning and maneuvering every day, determined to appease the Richmond City Council and lie their way out of abominable situations they manufactured out of apparent lies and deceit we believe. In the near future, Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger will move the statue to the Rocketts Landing - for profit real estate project. They will move the statue and use it for real estate profit, Rocketts Landing development project. We understand the move will be justified to the public and cloaked in legal manipulation for the profit of a few powerful and wealthy people. We continue to hear the names of Richmond City Council members and stories of bribes. If law enforcement would investigate City Council members, some would go to jail. The land at Tredegar Iron Works is not leased or sub-leased to Richmond National Battlefield Park Service. It is licensed by Richmond Riverfront - there is a legal difference between leased and licensed and could be used as an excuse to move the statue. We believe they will move the statue for their personal profit.

NEWSPAPER: "... and the agreement we had was that [the U.S. Historical Society] would not convey any impression that the Park Service was selling the miniatures," said Mr. Rives yesterday. Mr. Rives said he spent most of February meeting with the historical society's chairman, lawyers and accountants at the request of Park Service Director Fran Mainella. On Jan. 15, Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., Virginia Republican, asked Miss Mainella to investigate the matter and sent a letter to Deputy Secretary of the Interior J. Steven Griles, reiterating his request that they investigate the society. Mr. Goode was concerned that the Historical Society may have misrepresented itself as a nonprofit organization in mailing 6,000 solicitations for people to buy the solid bronze statuettes at $875 each. The statuettes, according to Historical Society literature, were being sold to pay for the production and installation of the statue.

OUR COMMENT: Yes, they did misrepresent - we do not believe it was a mistake, but rather a deliberate act associated with fraud.

NEWSPAPER: The Historical Society's Founding Sponsor letters presented itself as the United States Historical Society, not the U.S. Historical Society. The Virginia State Corporation Commission listed the United States Historical Society as a fictitious name belonging to a for-profit company named FKAO Inc., which Mr. Kline had previously owned for more than 20 years.

OUR COMMENT: The $875.00 statuette payment checks were made payable to the wrong company.

NEWSPAPER: In addition, the U.S. Historical Society was not registered with the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, and was violating state law by soliciting contributions, The Washington Times learned in January.

OUR COMMENT: Financial fines and jail penalties are possible consequences of soliciting Founding Sponsors contributions without registering and conforming to the laws of Virginia. In letters, they refused to register with Consumer Affairs, State of Virginia.

NEWSPAPER: "Will these statuettes represent history or the perpetuation of a fraud on unsuspecting donors around the United States?" wrote Mr. Goode in his January letter to Miss Mainella. The statue is intended to commemorate Lincoln's arrival in Richmond on April 5, 1865 - two days after Union troops captured the city and four days before Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House.

OUR COMMENT: We are told the real reason for the statue is the Rocketts Landing real estate project. Kline's CHG Developers, Inc. is heavily involved in historic real estate development. U.S. Park Service, Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger's husband is also involved with historic real estate development projects and on boards appointed by the Governor of Virginia. He was also associated with Charlie Bryan's Virginia Historical Society. The project is a $250,000,000.00 real estate development along the James River in the historic Rocketts Landing area. Lincoln stepped out of the boat at Rocketts Landing, Richmond in 1865 after the fall of Richmond and the south. We are told the Lincoln statue will be the center attraction, the historical focal point for the condominiums, apartments, restaurants, businesses, and offices they plan to build. They plan to obliterate the historic Confederate Navy Ship Yard memory at Rocketts Landing and replace that memory with Lincoln and Tad. Future rental profits will return billions over the years. Again, the historic value of Rocketts Landing is where Lincoln's foot touched Southern soil, conquering Richmond and the south in 1865. And that, my friends, is what the Lincoln statue is all about!

NEWSPAPER: On Jan. 27, an attorney for the U.S. Historical Society denied any wrongdoing or fraud on the part of the society, and said that the records at the Corporation Commission were simply outdated.

OUR COMMENT: We believe attorney Chris Malone was disingenuous. In other words, he didn't tell the truth. No changes were made to correct errors in the records at the Corporation Commission. No outdated errors were found. No errors were found.

NEWSPAPER: On Jan. 30, Mr. Rives met with Mr. Kline and two other Park Service officials at the headquarters of the Richmond National Battlefield Park, where Mr. Kline declined to answer questions about the Lincoln statue funds without an attorney present, according to documents obtained by The Times.

OUR COMMENT: We believe over $20,000 was sent by customers to United States Historical Society, a FKAO company. Where is that money?

NEWSPAPER: Mr. Rives then sent Mr. Kline a letter on Feb. 4 asking for clarification of the two different names, copies of the society's latest tax forms and audit statement, and a written assurance that proceeds from statuette sales would go to the statue, associated costs or other nonprofit causes. Mr. Rives also requested written assurance that the society would conduct a "full and open accounting of all income and expenses related to the project, with copies made available to the NPS and the public." Finally, he instructed the society to remove the name of the Park Service from all solicitations or promotional materials.

OUR COMMENT: We believe a Virginia State Income Tax, Virginia Sales Tax and Federal IRS audit is warranted. For the people, we demand audits now.

NEWSPAPER: Mr. Kline responded the next day in a five-page letter in which he attempted to explain the reason the organization had two names, denied any wrongdoing, and promised that any income from the statuettes would go toward the statue project or other nonprofit causes.

OUR COMMENT: "... or other non-profit causes"! What are "other causes"? We demand a State and Federal audit now. We believe there is criminal activity ongoing.

NEWSPAPER: The Historical Society also sent out 6,000 notices to those they originally solicited, correcting themselves for saying that the Park Service had commissioned the statue and clarifying that none of the proceeds would go to the Park Service.

OUR COMMENT: Have we missed something? Some of the proceeds will go to the Park Service via the statue? That's the advertised reason for soliciting Founding Sponsor contributors for the statuettes! Certainly, the proceeds will go to the Park Service - in the form of the statue!

NEWSPAPER: Mr. Kline did not return phone calls seeking comment yesterday, but Mr. Rives said that the U.S. Historical Society has told him the cost of the project is around $250,000. If only a fourth of those the society solicited, or 1,500 people, bought a statuette, the society would gross $1.3 million.

OUR COMMENT: "... is around"? If you were spending large money, wouldn't you know exactly before committing to the project? We demand a State and Federal audit now.

NEWSPAPER: Mr. Rives acknowledged that opposition to the U.S. Historical Society has been driven largely by an undercurrent of pro-Confederacy sentiment of those who resent the thought of a Lincoln likeness in the former capital of the Confederacy.

OUR COMMENT: This website is NOT affiliated with any Confederate organization. Rather, we are motivated by what we see as criminal intent. We are moral citizens and will not be intimidated and threatened by those that have no sense of loving history or morality, who are driven by power, profit and manage by manipulating law.

NEWSPAPER: There were more than 1,100 complaints to Richmond National Battlefield Park about the statue, Mr. Rives said. A recent online poll conducted by the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot newspaper found that 66 percent of 4,181 respondents do not think the statue belongs in Richmond.


Hudson released him [El-Amin] on personal recognizance and rescheduled arraignment for Friday. A trial date will be set at that time. Hudson instructed El-Amin to hire a lawyer by then and avoid contact with witnesses, including Crawford [his wife]. He limited El-Amin's communication with Crawford [his wife] to the raising of their children and household matters. The judge admonished him not to discuss with her "the facts of your case."
* * *
El-Amin, 62, drove to the hearing in a red Toyota Corolla All-Trac and parked it on 12th Street. The car was missing a front license plate and front wheel covers. A garbage bag full of men's clothes was in the back seat. A Prince Longbody tennis racket and a Mother Goose book lay in the back of the car. The parking meter for the Toyota ran out some time before El-Amin exited the courthouse. As he got into his car to leave shortly after 10 a.m., El-Amin told reporters: "Good afternoon. Peace and power."

March 1, 2003 - ROCKETTS LANDING

Under agreement of anonymity, we are advised the Abraham -Tad Lincoln Statue will be moved, in the future, from Tredegar Civil War site to the Confederate Navy Ship Yard at a place called Rocketts Landing on the James River. Tredegar is on the west side of the city, Rocketts Landing is on the east side, both on the James River. In the 1700s a man named Robert Rocketts owned a tavern - Rocketts Landing Tavern and operated a ferry on the James River. Rocketts Landing was the site of the historic Confederate Navy Ship Yard. They plan to obliterate the historic Confederate Navy Ship Yard and make the Lincoln Statue the focal point of a $250,000,000.00 real estate development venture. Future rental profits will return billions over the years. Condominiums, apartments, restaurants, businesses, and offices are planned. Again, the focal - the historic value of Rocketts Landing is where Lincoln's foot touched Southern soil, conquering Richmond and the south in 1865. They will attempt to obliterate Rocketts Landing Naval Confederate memory, and the memory of 15 wagon loads, 2,000 bodies of Confederate soldiers at Rocketts, the Gettysburg dead when we brought them back home to be buried at Hollywood Cemetery.

Partial Rocketts Landing land is in Councilwoman Delores L. McQuinn's 7th district.

Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin was involved in the matter also.

The entire Rocketts Landing development will be centered around the historic memory of the Commander-in-Chief of the northern army that destroyed the south, Lincoln.

The entire Rocketts Landing real estate development will come together around the statue and memory of the 'great' Commander-in-Chief of the northern army that conquered Richmond and destroyed the south, Lincoln.


May 10, 2000, Richmond Times Dispatch

Richmond City Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin wants the city to stop funding the upkeep of the statues of Confederate war heroes on Monument Avenue, saying they are offensive to black residents. "Any public support of any Confederate memorial on public property violates the rights of those who were once victimized by slavery," El-Amin said yesterday.


Richmond City Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin's wife plead guilty to conspiracy and agreed to work with prosecutors against her husband. City Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin is charged with 16 counts of tax evasion and faces penalties and possible 68 years in jail.

Sa'ad El-Amin is a player in the unethical, dishonest, foul and repulsive, sordid Lincoln Statue affair. Those names involved in the Lincoln Statue affair have placed themselves on the same level as Sa'ad El-Amin and will be remembered when the entire story is written for posterity.

February 26, 2003

VERIZON CORP. - $25,000.00

The Lincoln statuettes are not selling as expected.

$90,000.00 is pledged. The money will be funneled to Richmond Riverfront Corporation.

Ethyl Corp. owns the Tredegar Civil War land.
Ethyl Corp. leases the land to Richmond Riverfront Corp.
Richmond Riverfront Corp. leases the buildings on the land to Richmond National Battlefield Park Service, Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger - their museum for "politically correct" history.
Kline and Moran, U.S. Historical Society say they will donate the Lincoln Statue to Richmond National Battlefield Park Service.
Richmond Riverfront Corp. will own the base part of the statue. The $90,000 will build the wall, the gravel around the base and the base of the Lincoln Statue.
Richmond National Battlefield Park Service will own the top half of the statue assembly. The Richmond Riverfront Corp. will own the base bottom half of the statue assembly. The land is owned by Ethyl Corporation.
Marty Moran, President of U.S. Historical Society, said in a letter to contributors that all money for the statue would come from the sale of the Lincoln statuettes. No tax money would be used! Now all say tax money is not used on the top half of the statue, and that's what Moran meant. President Clinton said, "No, I didn't have sex with Monica - a blow job in the White House Oval Office is not sex!"


February 24, 2003 - RICHMOND CITY COUNCIL:

Richmond, Virginia, 'City Council' government last night agreed to give up to $45,000.00 of the people's tax money to the Lincoln Statue project. Their action is in direct contradiction to U.S. Historical Society's President, Marty Moran's written promise to Founding Sponsor contributors to the Lincoln Statue project not to use any tax money, only money from the sale of statuettes. 'Founding Sponsor' contributors are furious with U.S. Historical Society and feel they were lied to and betrayed. Sales of the Lincoln Statuettes to Founding Sponsors are not up to expectations.

The room was full and many citizens spoke in opposition to the money give away. The City Council did not listen. City Council members have said, " it is our city."

Members of African-American dominated city council and were quoted in the newspaper: "Lincoln is just the beginning," Vice Mayor Delores L. McQuinn said. "For those of you who don't think other statues should be here except for the Confederacy, then you haven't seen anything yet. I am going to go out of my way to try and diversify the statues." Mayor Rudolph C. McCollum Jr. said the money will be "the best $45,000 this city has ever spent. If we spent forty-five thousand dollars like this every day, the returns would be phenomenal, and we couldn't have enough progress in this city." McCollum is the past president of Richmond Renaissance, the organization selling $875.00 Lincoln statuettes for Kline and Moran.

When a Richmond City Council member was asked why they gave $45,000.00 to Richmond Riverfront Foundation, a company not directly associated with the Lincoln Statue, they answered: "just because we wanted to."

During an interview after the vote, City Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin countered about Lincoln: "The man saved us from hell. And I don't give a damn what motivated him." Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin and his wife were charged with 17 counts and associated Federal Tax evasion this week and will probably go to jail.

Former Councilman Church Richardson was charged with drug traffic and sentenced to jail.

Former Mayor Rev. Leonidas B. Young has agreed to plead guilty to 4 of 19 felony counts alleging he sold his influence as mayor and, as a pastor, defrauded members of his congregation, according to a newspaper. The Times-Dispatch said Young is likely to face 2 years to 2 1/2 years in prison at sentencing. Young will lose his City Council seat automatically if he pleads guilty. He became pastor of Richmond's Fourth Baptist Church in 1990 and was elected to City Council 2 years later and appointed mayor in 1996. Last fall, Young was indicted on charges of racketeering, fraud, filing false tax returns, suborning perjury and money laundering. The charges carry prison terms ranging from five to 30 years. Authorities allege Young peddled influence as mayor and cheated members of his church out of money he used to help pay for an expensive secret life of extramarital affairs. AP, 1/27/99

The Lincoln Statue matter is not over yet, it is just starting.


"The VHS agreed, seeing a gathering of prominent scholars of Lincoln and the Civil War as a valuable educational opportunity, and one very much in keeping with its mission. The USHS agreed to underwrite the costs of the conference. For its part, the VHS agreed to set the conference program and invite the speakers. It also agreed to offer a limited number of its members the chance to purchase miniature replicas of the statue, tendered for sale by the USHS. This is similar to a promotion several years ago in which the VHS, in cooperation with another outside agency, made available to its members reproductions of a photograph from its collections of Robert E. Lee mounted on his horse, Traveller. The small portion of the proceeds from sales of the Lincoln miniatures to VHS members will be used to conserve items in its important Civil War collections."

Full letter here:


Thirteen pieces of 'politically correct' silver.


Dr. Bryan: "The Virginia Historical Society agreed, seeing a gathering of prominent scholars of Lincoln and the Civil War as a valuable educational opportunity, and one very much in keeping with its mission.

Comment: Dr. Bryan, you are the Virginia Historical Society - The mission of VHS is not to honor the Commander-in-Chief of the Army that destroyed the south and killed its young men, women and children. 37,000 young Confederate southern men are buried around you in Richmond. Much of your letter mimics boiler plate writing from Kline. You write in the abstract as though you are from Greenland or Brazil writing about the American Civil War totally without emotion or understanding Richmond events. Your persistent actions and association sadden those that have supported you over the past years. "When you get in bed with fleas they will get all over you."

Dr. Bryan: The United States Historical Society agreed to underwrite the costs of the conference.

Comment: Available USHS 990 tax forms seem to indicate the USHS is broke and in great debt to Kline. How can they donate a statue to the Federal Government, pay for a Founding Sponsor reception, and underwrite the cost of the Lincoln conference?

Dr. Bryan: For its part, the Virginia Historical Society agreed to set the conference program and invite the speakers.

Comment: Yes, we understand you are involved with Kline's United States Historical Society.

Dr. Bryan: It (Virginia Historical Society) also agreed to offer a limited number of its members the chance to purchase miniature replicas of the statue, tendered for sale by the United States Historical Society.

Comment: We were told Virginia Historical Society received 20% of each sale -- $175.00 per statuette.

Dr. Bryan: This is similar to a promotion several years ago in which the Virginia Historical Society, in cooperation with another outside agency, made available to its members reproductions of a photograph from its collections of Robert E. Lee mounted on his horse, Traveller.

Comment: If memory is correct, that was also "in cooperation" with Kline, United States Historical Society -- another lithograph money deal with Kline.

Dr. Bryan: The small portion of the proceeds from sales of the Lincoln miniatures to VHS members will be used to conserve items in its important Civil War collections."

Comment: If we are correct, 200 statuettes sold equals $35,000.00 to Virginia Historical Society. Kline will gross about $700.00 profit on each statuette you sell. Estimates indicate the new statuettes cost about $15.00. Good profit for a $15.00 statue.

Efforts are going forward to bring this 'Founding Sponsor,' Charitable Contribution matter before the IRS for review.

* * *

A LINCOLN STATUE SCAM QUIZ: Who is Cynthia Harnsberger?

ANSWER: Cynthia MacLeod, Superintendent, Richmond National Battlefield Park Service, Department of the Interior, accepting the Abraham Lincoln statue from Kline's U.S. Historical Society is really Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger, married to Doug J. Harnsberger, AIA, Commonwealth Architects. Mr. Harnsberger is the architect involved with historic real estate rehabilitation projects in Richmond. Commonwealth Architects, Doug Harnsberger and Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger profit monetarily from association with real estate development and historic real estate rehabilitation/infill/reuse. That is, rehabilitation of old buildings, many historic in nature, and conversion to condominiums and apartments. One of Robert H. Kline's other businesses, CHG Developers, Inc., is involved with the same historic buildings. Recently, Kline and George Emerson, CHG Developers, Inc., owners of a former manufacturing center building at 25th and Grace Street, Richmond, hired an architect and converted the historic building into apartments and commercial space. The project and building is known as The Gables. The commercial space on the first floor has been rented to an architect, and all 16 luxury apartments are taken. Doug Harnsberger is also by business associated with Dr. Charles Bryan's Virginia Historical Society. Richmond Renaissance is also associated with Richmond real estate development. As one steps back and perceives the overview, the associations one to another, a pattern clearly emerges.

Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner announced appointment of Douglas J. Harnsberger to the Capitol Square Preservation Council. Monday February 22, 1999: "Doug Harnsberger, is chairman of the Richmond Commission for Architectural Review

* * *

Sensitive information was leaked from within the Martha Gibby, FKAO / Kline, Historical Society organization to the Lincoln Scam website and the press. At least one person within their organization is honest and concerned.

February 16, 2003 - Legal overview of U.S. Historical Society documents and actions clearly indicate they are soliciting $875.00 'contributions' for the Abraham Lincoln statue in violation of their legal status. By law, U.S. Historical Society is not authorized to solicit 'contributions.' Opposition legal staff is actively pursuing and reviewing the financial business connection between Kline's U.S. Historical Society, Dr. Charles Bryan's Virginia Historical Society, and Dr. Eugene P. Trani's Richmond Renaissance in light of charitable contribution laws. We believe there is more than enough evidence to prove collusion.

* * *


In past years, the Richmond based Virginia Historical Society was dignified and respected, a large museum institution representing the history of Virginia and the old south. Now that has changed.

Dr. Charles Bryan <<EMAIL, Virginia Historical Society, 428 North Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia, 23220, Mail: P.O.Box 7311, 23221-0311, Phone: 804/342-9656, entered into a business arrangement with Robert Kline, U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) to share Abraham Lincoln statuette profits. Virginia Historical Society used its contributor mailing list for Kline's U.S. Historical Society, 25 E. Main Street, Richmond, Va., in return for a large percentage of the gross profit from contributions for each $875.00 Abraham Lincoln statuette. Dr. Bryan made his loyal VHS contributor list available to Kline for money and endorsed the placement of the Lincoln statue at Tredegar Civil War site, and actively solicited for Kline. Ample time has passed for Dr. Bryan to acknowledge the obvious Lincoln scam and correct his position but, to date, he has not altered his course, he remains steadfast associated with Kline for monetary profit. Thirteen pieces of 'politically correct' silver.

Richmond Renaissance, 600 E. Broad Street, Suite 960, Richmond, VA. 23219, Phone: 804/644-0404 FAX: 804/648-6908, <<EMAIL, a Richmond organization, gave its contributor mailing list to Kline to solicit contributions for Kline's Abraham Lincoln statuettes. Dr. Eugene P. Trani, Virginia Commonwealth University President, speaking for Richmond Renaissance, endorsed the Lincoln statue at Tredegar Civil War site, and actively solicited contributions for the $875.00 Lincoln statuette. Richmond Renaissance's Mission, as stated at its website "The mission of Richmond Renaissance is to be a leader in building greater vitality in the Richmond community, particularly Downtown, through economic development. As a partnership of the corporate community, the African American community and Richmond City government, Renaissance is a forum for building consensus in a diverse community."

Dr. Eugene P. Trani, Richmond Renaissance, and Dr. Charles Bryan, Virginia Historical Society, continue to ignore the scam and remain determined to place a statue in the middle of 37,000 young Confederate soldiers of the south that died in Richmond defending their land. They, Trani and Bryan, are determined to honor Abraham Lincoln, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army that destroyed the south and killed our great, great grandfathers, our relatives. We call upon our 37,000 Richmond soldiers at Oakwood and Hollywood to rise up from their white crosses, be with and walk with those, and the families of those that perpetrated this miserable spectacle. Touch their lives and make them understand your outrage.

* * *



As you know, the United States Historical Society was a fictitious, paper company belonging to FKAO, Inc., 2501 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia, Martha Gibby president.

During a period before February 7, 2003, Mr. Robert H. Kline's U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) 501(c)(3), located at 25 East Main Street, advertised and sold statuettes of Abraham Lincoln in a gross dollar amount over $20,000.00. The statuettes were sold in the name of United States Historical Society and the payment checks were made to the United States Historical Society. Accordingly, checks, money orders, credit or debit cards from many customers were made payable to the wrong company.

Before February 7, 2003, payment checks were either deposited in the account of:
United States Historical Society, a fictitious for profit, Martha Gibby, FKAO, Inc. company, or
U.S. Historical Society (Inc.), a non-profit 501(c)(3) Robert H. Kline company.

If checks, money orders, credit or debit card payments written payable to United States Historical Society were deposited in either account, it was clearly either a breach of the intent of banking policy and /or a violation of Virginia Corporation Commission policy and regulations regarding registered company names. We believe and it appears the intent of these actions were clearly meant to be monetarily deceptive and opens the door to Internal Revenue Service, Virginia State income tax and Virginia Sales tax inquires. A different set of legal circumstances applied to each account.

On February 7, 2003, Attorney Chris Malone, acting for U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) transferred the fictitious for profit name United States Historical Society from Martha Gibby - FKAO, Inc. to Robert Kline - non-profit U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) to correct in time what appears to be a deliberate, multifaceted misrepresentation to the consuming public. It is obvious to the accountant why the companies and names were styled in this fashion.

The former FKAO, Inc., United States Historical Society name was registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and transferred to Robert Kline on February 7, 2003. The new duo operation is now U.S. Historical Society and United States Historical Society.

Repeated inquiries and requests have been made to U.S. Historical Society (Inc.), Kline, and also to Superintendent Cynthia MacLeod, Richmond National Battlefield Park Service, asking to know the price of the large, donated Abraham Lincoln statue. They have repeatedly refused to answer the question and refused to release the price of the donated statue. Their behavior continues to reflect hidden beneficial money agendas that smack of scam.

Definition of 'smack': If something smacks of an unpleasant quality [e.g., desperation, hypocrisy], it seems to have that quality. Example: The whole thing smacks of hypocrisy - or, to me, the whole thing smacks of desperation.

* * *


Web site critical of Lincoln statue shut down by host By MICHAEL BUETTNER, Associated Press

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: An anonymous Web site dedicated to airing allegations of fraud against the underwriters of a statue of Abraham Lincoln was shut down Wednesday after the statue's sponsors complained.

OUR RESPONSE: Attorney Malone was successful in taking down the website letter writing, auto-letter link feature and stopping citizen's letters addressed to the Virginia Attorney General's office critical of Robert H. Kline's actions.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: The Web site, hosted by Internet service, had accused the U.S. Historical Society, its chairman, Robert H. Kline, and its president, Martin J. Moran, of illegally misleading state and federal officials and the public about the society's nonprofit status. The site implied that the society's plan to set up the statue at a National Park Service site in Richmond was a ploy to promote sales of replicas of the statue by an alleged for-profit affiliate of the society.

OUR RESPONSE: Kline's attorney Christopher Malone, on Feb. 7, 2003, confirmed our statements by legally transferring Martha Gibby's FKAO, Inc, for profit United States Historical Society to Robert H. Kline and Marty Moran's (U.S. Historical Society) to cover their illegal misuse of FKAO, Inc's. company name.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: On Wednesday, Kathy O'Reilly, a spokeswoman for Tripod's parent company, Terra Lycos, said her company's ``abuse team'' had shut the site down because ``it is in violation of our terms of service.''

OUR RESPONSE: Every word was true - information was in the public domain and was found with Lycos search engines.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: O'Reilly said the site violated the company's policy by posting personal information, including salaries and home addresses, about Kline and Moran. She said she did not know whether the identity of the site's creator could be obtained by the society.

OUR RESPONSE: Everything on the website was in the public domain - available to anyone that inquired. Since it was found with Lycos search engines, Lycos is in violation or its own policies.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: Christopher M. Malone, an attorney who represents the society, said the Web site's claims were ``all without merit'' and that he contacted Terra Lycos, asking them to remove the site and disclose the name or names of its creators.

OUR RESPONSE: Everything on the Lincoln Scam website was absolutely true and Malone knows it.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: Malone said the Web site's accusations were based on a ``confusion of record'' concerning the society's name, resulting from a misreading of documents on file with the State Corporation Commission.

OUR RESPONSE: Mr. Malone is disingenuous. There was no "confusion of record." We stand by our original statement. Advertising the wrong company name was part of their elaborate money scam. Its called "hide the money"!

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: According to the anonymous Web site, U.S. Historical Society also calls itself United States Historical Society. However, state corporation records list the latter as a ``fictitious name'' -- that is, a trade name used legally by a business registered under another name -- belonging to FKAO Inc., which is registered as a for-profit company. FKAO, in turn, was known at one time as Omnia Corp.

OUR RESPONSE: On February 7, 2003, Kline's attorney Christopher Malone transferred, moved and registered Martha Gibby's FKAO's 'fictitious' United States Historial Society over to Kline's 501(c) (3) U.S. Historical Society. Their action confirmed our earlier statements. Now they are U.S. Historical Society and United States Historical Society. They misrepresented their business, broke the law and got caught.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: Malone said that Robert Kline had been associated with Omnia but sold all of his interest in it in 1994. At present, he said, there is no relationship between the society or its officers and FKAO. He stressed that the society is not misleading anyone about how the money it raises through the sale of replicas is to be accounted for and spent -- it will go to fund the statue.

OUR RESPONSE: Attorney Malone is trying to confuse the reader! If Kline has no relationship with FKAO, Inc., then why would Kline and Moran use Martha Gibby's FKAO, Inc.'s United States Historical Society name and have customer checks and credit card payments made out to that company name? "Hide the money"? We believe Kline and Moran are soliciting 'contributions' to pay for the large Lincoln Statue they will donate to the Richmond National Battlefield Park Service. Their documents indicate U.S. Historical Society fundraising is styled as charitable solicitation. If so, they are in violation of Virginia law.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: As for the anonymous Web site, Malone said, ``Clearly there are statements made thereon that are defamatory."

OUR RESPONSE: We stand by our statements.

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: However, the site also had clearly reignited opposition to the statue. That opposition surfaced immediately after the project was first announced in December but had begun to wane in recent weeks. Now, prompted by the anonymous site's allegations, some opponents have asked officials to start a criminal investigation of the statue proposal. U.S. Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., R-5th, has written a letter to the National Park Service asking that agency to investigate the claims.

OUR RESPONSE: Audits by the Internal Revenue Service, Virginia State Income Tax and Virginia Sales Tax would be a reasonable start.

* * *


Since Kline's lawyer, Chris Malone, demanded Lycos remove the people's protest e-mail link to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, we again establish a link. A hotmail e-mail address: <<EMAIL will direct comments to the Attorney General's Office. Fill in your name, e-mail address and comments. Your message to the Attorney General will read: "Your attention is directed to the following website: I request a criminal investigation of U.S. Historical Society, United States Historical Society and the entire Abraham Lincoln statue matter in Richmond."

* * *

Accepting the Abraham Lincoln Statue for the Government,
Ms. Cynthia MacLeod, Superintendent, <<EMAIL
Richmond National Battlefield Park Service
3215 E. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23223
(804) 226-1981 / (804) 771-8522 FAX
Robert H. Kline<<EMAIL
Martin <<EMAIL
U.S. Historical Society
25 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219
1-800-788-4478 / 804/648-4736
Christopher M. Malone, Esq.  <<EMAIL
100 Shockoe Slip, Richmond, Virginia (Phone 804/698-6231)
Tredegar National Civil War Center - Phone (804) 788-6484
Ethyl Corporation
They own the Tredegar land & lease to:
Richmond Riverfront, Inc. - Phone: (804) 648-6549
WWBT-TV Channel 12, Richmond - 5:30 News, Feb.4, 2003 - Robert Kline and U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) are under hostile attack by people coming through their front door and into his office. As a result people are screened before opening their front door. The U.S. Historical Society is also under computer virus attack, but Kline said they have it under control. 
Opposition to Kline's Lincoln Statue Scam has employed a downtown Richmond law firm.
*     *     *

On January 29, 2003, Terra Lycos came under pressure from attorney Christopher Malone, Thompson & McMullan, PC., representing U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) to forcibly remove the populist Richmond, Virginia, Lincoln Statue Scam website from the internet. It was removed without notice or explanation. The content and wording of the site was not legally libelous and contained public domain information.  All information on the Lincoln Scam web site was found with Terra Lycos search engines from the internet. It was all public information. Mr. Kline's social security number is contained on tax forms on the internet, but we did not post or advertise it to the public.
It appears pressure was applied to Terra Lycos and prevented transmission of protest letters from citizens to the Virginia State Attorney General's office protesting perceived illegal behavior of the U. S. Historical Society and United States National Park Service and demanding an investigation.
Attorney Christopher Malone, over the telephone, applied Intimidating pressure on one or more investigative newspaper reporters looking into legal wrongdoing by U.S. Historical Society (Inc.). No one appreciates what you did or how you did it Mr. Malone.
U.S. Historical Society, 990 tax forms were found with Lycos Search Engines available on the internet. They contained information obviously pointing to the illegal. They were removed from the Lincoln Scam Web Site by Lycos at Attorney Malone's direction. and
The Washington Times, "It was then suspected that the U.S. Historical Society, a nonprofit organization, was selling the statuettes under a different name, the United States Historical Society, which according to records at the Virginia Corporation Commission belongs to a for-profit corporation in Richmond named FKAO Inc." Ask yourself why would U.S. Historical Society (Inc.) want customers to make checks amounting to over half a million dollars to another company (United States Historical Society, a fictitious company existing in name only) belonging to another corporation 20 miles away? Tax records show the now President of FKAO, Inc., Martha Gibby, had been a past director of Kline's U.S. Historical Society. Could it be - they want to hide money?
January 30, 2003, Attorney Malone acknowledged non-profit 501 (C)(3), U.S. Historical Society was representing itself under a fictitious for-profit company name belonging to FKAO, Inc. 2501 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia. He did not admit it was illegal - he said it was a misunderstanding.
After they were caught in an illegal act, Attorney Malone said they would transfer the other wrong ficititous name over to Kline from FKAO, Inc. implying that would correct the illegal, "He said FKAO had notified him that it was giving up ownership of the name United States Historical Society, and that the Corporation Commission would be notified."  It's the same as: The bank robbers were caught in the street with $40,000.00, so they said we'll give the money back, it was a misunderstanding. Everything is ok now ! It doesn't work like that Mr. Malone. 
The Washington Times, "An organization (U.S. Historical Society) selling replicas of an Abraham Lincoln statue it intends to install in Richmond is operating outside state law, the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs said yesterday."
Poughkeepsie Journal, January 27, 2003.  "Tim Kaine, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, recommended having a statue for the National Park Service according to Kline."  Lt. Governor Kaine, haven't you heard, you are promoting a scam against your people. Resin (plastic like) statues of Lincoln and Tad are available from Kline at $145.00 each for those that can't afford the $875.00 statuettes. It is crystal clear that the Abraham Lincoln Statue matter has the style of a criminal scam. If reputable people and institutions continue to associate with this scam we can only assume the obvious of their intent and character.
The Virginia Historical Society and Richmond Renaissance, two other companies located in Richmond are involved with Kline's U.S. Historical Society statuette sales. They are actively engaged  in statuette business  with Kline and actively promoting $875.00 each Lincoln statuette sales and we believe they too are in violation of Virginia laws. We now report they are part of the problem.
The Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs in Richmond has requested broad information documents from Attorney Malone and U.S. Historical Society. The Attorney General of Virginia is waiting to see the result of the Consumer Affairs investigation. The Attorney General of Virginia received over 120 letters via the first Lincoln Scam website before Attorney Malone applied pressure to remove the site and auto-letter link. 
This is important to understand ...... THESE ARE THE PEOPLE AT 25 E. MAIN STREET (KLINE AND MORAN)  (source: Virginia State Commerce Commission):
1.  U.S. Historical Society, Inc. non stock company
2.  Name changed to The United States Gallery of Art, Inc.
3.  Name changed to The International Gallery of Art, Inc.
4. Name changed to U.S. Historical Society, Inc
(non-profit at 25 E. Main Street; Telephone: (804) 648-4736)
They still have a fictitious company under U.S. Historical Society, Inc. at 25 East Main Street.
1.  International Gallery of Art
More Kline companies:
1.  Ambassador Awards, Inc. 10-4-95
2. Name changed to Museum Masterworks, Inc.
 210 Burkshire Road, Richmond, Virginia
Fictitious companies: 1995
1. Uno Angel
2. Uno Guardian Angels
This is important to understand ........ THESE ARE THE PEOPLE AT 2501 MECHANICSVILLE TURNPIKE, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA(source: Virginia State Commerce Commission):
FKAO, Inc. is the parent company
2501 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, Va. 23223
President: Martha C. Gibby
Vice President: Mitchell Fox
Officer: Jacqueline Dickinson
Chairman: Bradley C. Johnson
Director: Edward D. Harrison

1.  U.S. Bicentennial Society, Inc.
2. Name changed to U.S. Historical Society, Inc.
3. Robert Kline and Company, Inc. merged with U.S. Historical Society, Inc., now FKAO, Inc. - U.S. Historical Society, Inc. prevailed.
4. Name changed to Omnia, Inc.
5. Name changed to FKAO, Inc.
Under FKAO, Inc.
Fictitious companies trading as:
1.  United States Historical Society - for profit
2. Glassmasters, 3. ALVA Marketing, and 4. Stained Glass Guild  
2501 MechanicsvilleTurnpike
Same officers and directors as FKAO, Inc.   
NOTE: There is a legal difference between United States Historical Society, a fictitious, for profit company and U.S. Historical Society, Inc., a non-profit company.  They appear to be different companies, owned by different people, at different locations.
As of August 22, 2002, Omnia, Inc. is once again revived and registered as a Virginia company.  Reg. agent: Marvin Alan Rosman, 4912 West Broad Street, Richmond, Va.  Nothing is known about the company.

The new Kier Retail Group has plenty of potential for success, according to gift industry observer Keven Wilder. "Even with the poor economy of recent months, this can be a tremendous niche market for Kier," said Wilder, a partner affiliate with the Chicago-based retail strategy firm McMillan-Doolittle. "Museum attendance is up all over the country and there is a strong interest in these kinds of products among consumers." "Wilder said Kier would be wise to continue an arrangement with museums around the company to share profits. Many of the museums had felt threatened by The Museum Co., fearing sales in their stores would suffer because of the competition," she said. "Sharing profits [Ed note: consider Virginia Historical Society and Richmond Renaissance] made it a win-win situation for both of them. Now, they also need to bring back the shoppers for both stores out in force."


Years ago Robert H. Kline Company merged with the group that later became FKAO, Inc.
THE MUSEUM COMPANY (Was connected to that group now known as FKAO, Inc., 2501 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia.)
THE SAN FRANCISCO MUSIC BOX COMPANY (Was owned by Foot Locker, Inc.)
THE MUSEUM COMPANY was bankrupted in January, 2002. FKATMC, INC. (Formally Known As The Museum Company), created and registered in Delaware, returned and registered to conduct business in Virginia. Kier serves on the board of directors of Cast Art Industries, LLC, Home Fragrance Holdings LLC, House of Lloyd Management LLC, and Dotdeliver. The Kier Retail Group is a division of Kier Group Holdings LLC.
JOEL KIER GROUP, INC. (Owner of The San Francisco Music Box Company and President of FKATMC, Inc.)
THE FOOTLOCKER COMPANY (Former owner of The San Francisco Music Box Co.)
VIRGINIA, TAX FREE ZONE - Chinese imports merchandise - Port of Norfolk, Virginia.

 The media and Richmond National Battlefield Park Service reported Kline's U.S. Historical Society would sell statuettes for $875.00 each to raise money to cover his Abraham Lincoln & Tad statue manufacturing cost.  Kline reported to the media and Richmond National Battlefield Park Service that statuette gross profits would also be diverted to cover his staff and other overhead operating expenses.  
The Richmond National Battlefield Park Service condoned the public plan.  But, we are told they entered into a verbal deal with Kline beyond what the public was told.   We are told the deal had to do with real estate.
C.H.G Developers, Inc. 
13281 Riverbend Blvd., Suite 201, Chester, Virginia 23836
No telephone book listing and no telephone number available through information. 
Director:  Robert H. Kline
Director: Charles E. Veach
        Director: George P. Emerson, Jr. 
        Treasurer: George P. Emerson, Jr. 
        Secretary: George P. Emerson, Jr.
It is reported Robert H. Kline is heavily involved in REAL ESTATE development.
We feel confident of the reported conversation between Robert H. Kline and Richmond National Battlefield Park Service regarding the planned expenditure of large sums of statuette money beyond the life-size Lincoln statue cost and operating overhead cost.  It has been reported to us that the money is earmarked to be used to purchase (historic) river front or real estate property.  It is reported to us that the Richmond National Battlefield Park Service knows of the plan and will deny knowledge but will continue to allow the plan to play out.  The real money and focus is in the REAL ESTATE acquisition, not the statue of Lincoln.  The Lincoln statue is the vehicle for REAL ESTATE profit.  When one is making big REAL ESTATE money, one needs tax shelters!  Typically, small companies are used to show losses - names are changed frequently to hide money. U.S. Historical Society, we believe, is showing large losses. United States Historical Society (fictitious company) is there to hide money. We believe there is another plan beyond Kline's first purchase of historic river front land, and it involves the Federal government, Department of Interior, Richmond National Battlefield Park Service then buying the land from Kline at greater profit.
Overviewing the matter, we observe the truth has been deliberately diverted by the Abraham Lincoln Statue, north / south issue - we observe principle participants have been deceived in varying degrees.  The scam has been compartmentalized - some think they know the truth, some know no truth, some know half truth, others don't care to know the truth.  Only Mr. Robert H. Kline knows all the truth.
Again, we see the Abraham Lincoln statue and timing as a stepping stone to a goal. The real money effort will be the CHG Developers, Inc. involvement in the Rocketts Landing Project. Ms. Cynthia MacLeod Harnsberger of the Richmond National Battlefield Park Service knows of and approves Kline's real estate plans. Those above Ms. Harnsberger in Washington, D.C., at the Park Service, know and approve also. Accordingly, they will be compensated for their cooperation and support of Kline, one way or another.

Working outside law
Society questioned
Website shut down